Investment Coin - Welcome to your future Investment

/ 01. Overview _


This is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) like no other. It's an opportunity to spread your investment into currencies of the future. We know the market. We know cryptocurrency.

Take a look at our whitepaper for information regarding technical jargon and more details on our investments.

Everyone regrets not buying into bitcoin. We’re not saying this will be the next bitcoin, but we are saying that our cryptocurrency investment experts will spot the next big cryptocurrency. No one can predict the future, but we can stack the probability in our favour. This is an ICO like no other – we will spread our fund into to other up-and-coming cryptocurrencies, including strategic investment into suitable Initial Coin Offerings that meet our stringent criteria. Every 3 months, half of the total portfolio will be transferred into Ethereum and distributed to every holder of InvestmentCoin via a SmartContract.

With the large amount of funds available to us, InvestmentCoin will be able to leverage advantageous prices on the portfolio of ICOs we buy into. Expected returns upwards of 5 times the initial investment will be amplified by our ability to gain initial discounts of between 30 to 50% on future ICOs. We also use the fund to trade and hold cryptocurrencies, as well as to invest in real estate, growing businesses, and traditional stocks (more information in our whitepaper).

Our lifecycle target is to reach 10 times the ICO funds raised. InvestmentCoin holders will receive regular payouts every 3 months until this is complete. Our goal is for this to be completed in 2 years.


/ 00. Who we are _

/ 02. Team _


We will be investing heavily in emerging coins.

Our team of fund managers use their wealth of knowledge and bespoke analytical systems to scan the cryptocurrency markets to spot great potential, particularly new ICOs with growth expectations above the norm.

Our expertise combines the understanding of traditional market investment with the skills required to move quickly and accurately in the new and growing world of cryptocurrency.

We also have a large knowledge base and experience with growing businesses, which will help with our Real Estate and Car investments, along with our crowdsale startup investments.

InvestmentCoin is a registered UK company with trading name INVESTMENTCOIN LIMITED.


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*Sign in/Sign up feature will be added 3 days after our PRE-ICO has finished.

*If you want to invest in our PRE-ICO , press the "Buy Now" button in the Token Sale section to be redirected to Shortex.

/ 04 Token Sale _

Token Sale

Token Sale

The stages of the Investment Revolution.

  • Stage1 currently active 30 million tokens at $0.50 per token
  • stage 2 25 million tokens
    available at $1.00 per token
  • stage 3 20 million tokens
    available at $1.50 per token
  • Payouts Payouts every
    3 months at $10 per token




  • You will be able to checkout with our partner, Shortex using the button below *

/ 00. welcome to your future _

Our Team

We have been researching cryptocurrencies since early 2011.

We are experienced traders with vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies. We recognise that cryptocurrencies have, until recently, been the preserve of those with the technical knowhow to invest. We want to make them open to those who are keen but don’t know how to spot the individual winners. InvestmentCoin makes it simple for you to invest. By using our extensive funds, we will spot the winners, so you don't have to. We will create leverage to buy into ICOs early and at lower prices. We also have extensive knowledge of technical analysis, cryptocurrency trading and traditional markets. In short, we will make you the money. The bigger the InvestmentCoin fund becomes the stronger we are, and the more we grow returns.


Every 03 months, one payout.

Payouts Every 3 months, the portfolio value listed in the Roadmap will be transferred to Ethereum and distributed among the holders of the InvestmentCoin via a SmartContract – you won't have to do anything.

The target is to reach 10 times the fund value within 2 years, paying out each InvestmentCoin holder equally and fairly - our SmartContract will do this.


Working with the pros has many perks. A complete structure to ensure consistent profits.

  • We do all the research, and we spread the investment. All you do is invest in one coin – InvestmentCoin. Hold the token to retain your place in the fund.

  • We have professionals working full time to spot the hidden gems and to generate profits.

  • The longer you hold, the more value the coin will have, and the more you will receive back in Ethereum.

  • We can use our fund to create leverage to buy into ICOs at a cheaper price.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the usual questions and answers are here. Please contact us right away if you don't see yours.

  • Where Do I Sign Up? +

    Simply put your email address into the signup section and we will contact you.

  • Which methods of payment can I use? +

    Under the Tokensale section of the website, investments can be made with PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, and various cryptocurrencies. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact our support team at

  • Which Currencies Are Accepted? +

    Using PayPal, any currencies are accepted, as well as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  • Which Countries Are Allowed To Participate? +

    All countries other than the United States of America (due to laws in place within the US).

  • Will I Get Any Bonuses? +

    If you want to invest over $10,000, you may be eligible for higher bonuses. Before you buy into the ICO, please email our customer service desk at

  • How Long Will The ICO Last For? +

    As long as needed. We will start investing our funds from the first purchase of our token.

  • How Long Will The Coin Last? +

    We anticipate an initial 2-year lifecycle for the fund to grow by a factor of 10

  • Which Hardware Wallets Can Be Used? +

    Any Hardware Wallets can be used to store this token. For example, MyEtherWallet allows you to use your hardware wallet, so the token can be accessed through your Hardware Wallet on this site.

  • Once I've Bought The Coins, Can I Sell Them? +

    These coins will be sold through the initial ICO. Once this is completed, investors can sell their InvestmentCoins on our internal exchange or on other cryptocurrency exchanges that are compatible in the near future